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Floyd Pan Phillips Cattle Drive
Floyd "Pan" Phillips' cattle drive arrives in Quesnel after travelling more than 200 miles from the Home ranch.
Tom Cooper Cattle Drive
Tom Cooper of Tibbles Lake along with other cowhands drove the cattle down Quesnel's Front street to the stockyards, located where Quesnel's Public Works Yards are now.
Quesnel Cattle Auction Sale
Cattle Auctions
The auction was the culmination of a year's efforts for ranchers, like Pan, who relied on the annual sale for their income.
Cattle Auctions
Local ranchers were joined by large scale commercial buyers, and more than 1000 cattle were sold. Cattle purchased at the auction were shipped to operations in Kamloops, Vanderhook and other cities throughout the province.
Cattle Auctions
Though the turnout was smaller than expected, the sale broke previous year's records. Top price, $18.20/lb., went to George Rau of Cottonwood. Average price for the sale was $14.95/lb.
Pan Phillips Though Pan Phillips hinted that this was to be his final cattle drive, he continued the tradition until 1969.

The CBC filmed Pan's last cattle drive for the TV show, This Land. The documentary Trailing to Nazko: Pan Phillip's Last Cattle Drive aired in February 1970. it is available in our gift shop.